Healthy Home Check Up

The Healthy Home Check-up is a property maintenance program designed specifically with seniors in mind. As we move up in age, it may become more difficult to do the things necessary to maintain the structural and mechanical systems of a home. This leaves many seniors with only two choices: move into an expensive senior care facility or remain in neglected home with all of the dangers, inconveniences and potential life-safety issues that come with it. If general health concerns or mobility issues are forcing you or a loved one to face the prospect of leaving home, then the RBG Healthy Home Check-Up service is for you! 

Hiring expensive contractors to repair problems that can be resolved and avoided with preventative property maintenance is impractical and unaffordable. At RBG, we know how much you’ve put into your home and we will help you protect your investment and maintain a safe and healthy home. We start by conducting an initial Home Assessment where we identify problem areas or specific concerns with the property. We follow-up with monthly inspections and maintenance so that you can affordably live in a safe and functional home.

Schedule of monthly inspections and maintenance service: 

Exterior Property

Exterior/ Interior Structure

Heating/Cooling systems

Electrical/Plumbing systems

Rodent / Pest prevention

Windows / Doors

Appliance Maintenance

Lawn Care/ Snow Removal

If a situation arises that goes beyond scope of general maintenance, our clients can rest assured that they have the expertise of RBG Inspections and our pool of professional and experienced contractors at their disposal.*

This program was designed to be an affordable solution to solve the quality of life issues that plague many lower income communities across the city of Milwaukee. If you think the Healthy Home Check-Up service can help you or a loved one, call us now and schedule a free consultation.

*Contractors fee not included in Healthy Home Check Up Service.