About Me

I was born and raised in Milwaukee's inner-city. As my mother's only son, I spent most of my life learning how to fix and maintain things around the house. I spent most of my career working in carpentry and performing residential inspections for the City of Milwaukee.  

I have learned a lot from my experiences, but the biggest takeaway has been: "Never buy a property until you have it inspected."  

My training, experience and the certifications that I hold are a testament to my ability to identify problems and pinpoint potential problems relating to the condition of a property. Whether it be residential or commercial, single family, multi-family or mixed use,  owner occupied or an income property, the inspection that I provide will help you to make the most informed decision regarding the condition of a property. 

 I believe that owning and maintaining a healthy home is one of the keys to having a healthy and happy life. When I look around in my community I see far too many unhealthy and unhappy people. Needless to say, RBG Inspections is my contribution to a solution. My objective to improve the overall quality of life in the community and provide help to those who need help the most. Therefore, if  you are in the process of buying a home, selling a home, are in need of property management solutions, considering a renovation or addition, or even new construction...I want to work with you. 

If you have any questions, lessons, ideas or suggestions, give me a call. I am at your service. I would love to work with you.


Maki KhiElSelah IV

As a part of our commitment to promote homeownership in underserved communities, we strive to compensate for the disparities in homeownership by offering additional discounts on our services to all first-time home buyers from marginalized communities, that have historically been the target of US government-sanctioned red-lining and discriminatory lending practices.



An Residential Building and Grounds inspection provides you with an overview of every facet of a property.

 When you are in the process of buying a Propert, being able to properly identify any defects or needed repairs gives you negotiation power with the seller and a  good idea of what to expect from the property in the future. Before you close,  allow me to provide you with a comprehensive home inspection. I inspect  the property for structural and mechanical defects. 

You will be provided with a detailed home inspection report that will meet the requirements of  banks, lending institutions and first time home buyer programs.

Residential Building & Grounds maintenance programs keep your property in the best condition to help maximize the performance and function of your property.

Do you need a maintenance solution for an Owner occupied property? Learn about the Healthy Home Check Up.

Allow me  to help you manage and maintain your property in tiptop condition. We provide tenant screening and  solutions for all of your  property maintenance issues. I will keep your investment profitable and your tenants happy. 

Residential Building & Grounds utilizes building and residential codes to assure that your property meets the highest life and safety standards.

If you are planning   new construction, renovations or additions, call me and get a Code Compliance Consultation. We will work with you to identify code compliance issues and help you to develop and  execute a strategy to abate code violations and existing work orders issued by your local municipality.  Allow my knowledge of building codes and local ordinances  to help you avoid unnecessary hassles and costly fees.



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 Commercial Building Inspector 

UDC Construction Inspector 

Home Inspector

RBG Inspections is a Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector certified by the International Code Council.
RBG Inspections is a Commercial Building Inspector certified by the International Code Council.
RBG Inspections is a Residential Inspector certified by the International Code Council.